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Harp Lessons

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Learning to play the harp is surprisingly affordable, and Heather and Stephanie both offer private harp lessons. We teach all levels, and have students ranging from age 7 through adult. Our curriculum includes a variety of events, including regular recitals, our annual holiday harp concert, theory classes, master classes, guest harpist performances, ensembles, and the London Royal School of Music exams. We gently encourage (but do not require) our students to perform, and we provide as many performance opportunities as possible, both solo and in ensemble. For example, our annual holiday concert includes a studio ensemble of up to 30 harps!

We would like to encourage all prospective students to come in for a free, no-obligation introductory meeting. We strive to provide as much value to our students as possible, and this personal meeting will allow us to discuss your musical goals, interests, and prior musical background so that we may better tailor our program to you. During this meeting, we will select the most appropriate teaching materials for you, and you will have the opportunity for hands-on contact with an instrument.

Most students start on a rental instrument, and we are fortunate to be in an area where there student rental harps are quite readily available from a number of suppliers. If you decide to take lessons with us, we will gladly help you locate a suitable student rental instrument. Harp lessons range from $43-$75 for most weekly lessons, and most student harp rentals are currently approximately $75-$85/month.

Please call for more information, or to schedule your introductory meeting!

For harp lessons in the South Bay, please contact Stephanie at (408) 366-8810 or at .

For harp lessons in the North Bay, please contact Heather at (707) 763-1899 or at .

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